Hiring investigators to prove discrimination, harassment and bullying within the workplace

Oct 21, 2014

If you feel that you are in some way being harassed, bullied or even discriminated against at your work place but are not sure how to go about getting it resolved appropriately then have a look at what to do.

Previously there wasn’t much one could do about it but with society wanting laws in place to protect the victims of such acts changes are being seen. It is however of utmost importance to understand what does and does not qualify as harassment, bullying or discrimination as most hostile work environments do not fall under these topics.

Thus herewith some circumstance that could fall under these topics:

Constant mockery or spoken abuse including threats of dismissal.

Personal sabotaging of the work that needs to be done via withholding information or documents or via giving incorrect information or documentation.

Unwanted or unauthorised physical contact even in small ways.

Gossiping about another worker thus spreading lies and malevolent tales.

Public insults, unfounded reproaches, protests or sarcasm.

These are just a few of what one can experience when being bullied, harassed or discriminated against in the workplace. Sexual harassment, indirect or even direct discrimination due to age, sex, race or family can also fall under the topics outlined above therefore hiring an investigator might be a good option. Before actions can be taken proof needs to be gathered if one intends to take it to the full length of the law.

Some workplaces do take such allegations very serious and without proper proof the case could actually turn on the victim in favour of the accused. Depending on rank within a company it has been known that upper level employees tend to stick together just as the lower level employees would do, it is therefore imperative to gain all the evidence prior to crying wolf.

Hiring an investigator will only make your claim more solid as there are a number of situations where claims have not been solved due to the lack of evidence. Once you attempt to make a claim of discrimination, harassment or bullying you will also be placed under the microscope and your life dissected piece by piece in order to proof that the allegations are false. But by hiring an investigator and making sure your case is solid there will be no need for worry.

The investigator will have a look at preliminary evidence you provide and with that determine if there are any real grounds for making a case before attempting to initiate such allegations with the company involved. Proving harassment, discrimination and bullying is not always an easy job but investigators are trained to know what to look for in such cases. Specific acts or reactions may also play a role in the case being built as well as witnesses plus previous incidents in a person’s past.

If you do however feel you are a victim of one of these and desperately need an investigator for assistance have a look here for they will provide you with all the information and aid your desire.

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