How to deal with sexual harassment in the office

June 24, 2014

Understanding, what is sexual harassment will help you to know how to deal with sexual harassment in the office, if it ever occurs. Unfortunately, unwelcome sexual attraction can come from anywhere and can make a person feel intimidated, humiliated and offended, especially if it occurs in the workplace. What is considered to be sexual harassment, how to identify it, and how to deal with it is not as difficult as some may imagine. Let’s have a look.

What Constitutes Sexual Harassment?

Any unwanted words, action or physical contact that has a sexual connotation is considered harassment. Here is a simple list of types of conduct which are legally viewed as sexual harassment in Australia:

  • Unwanted kissing, hugging or touching any part of the body other than the arms
  • Constantly leering and staring
  • Jokes and comments with suggestive undertones
  • Being shown sexually explicit pictures
  • Sexually degrading comments meant to taunt or insult
  • Emails or SMS messages that contain sexually explicit words or content
  • Stalking or exposing one’s genitalia to another

If you have experienced any one of these at least once, or on a continuous basis, then you have been sexually harassed and should seek the advice of a private investigator. Even if you are accused of sexual harassing someone, a private investigation company can help you to prove your innocence. But what steps should you take in the meantime? Try approaching your supervisor, manager or the owner of the company, and explain what is happening to you. If you find no support, then there are other measures you can take.

How to Deal with Sexual Harrasment in the Office

If you are convinced that you have been, or are being, sexually harassed by someone in your office or workplace and you don’t know how to deal with it, take courage because you can do something to stop it. One thing you shouldn’t do is nothing. Don’t keep quiet about it and think it will just go away or the person will stop.

Unfortunately, that probably won’t happen. Instead, you should try to record or collect any evidence you can that would prove you’re being harassed at work. Why? Because, at the end-of-the-day it will be your word against theirs, and witnesses are usually more afraid of losing their employment than seeing justice done.

An Investigative Service can help You

An investigative service can help you deal with sexual harassment in the office. How? They can assist you in gathering accurate information by interviewing potential witnesses to support your sexual harassment claim. Private investigators have experience in sexual harassment cases, and can recommend attorneys that can help you defend yourself, especially if you are falsely accused of sexual harassment.

If you have tried speaking to your supervisor, manager or the owner of the company, to no avail, then the best way how to deal with sexual harrasment in the office would be to seek the assistance of a professional investigative service.

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