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Aug 13, 2014

Have you ever has an employee or an individual file a claim against you or your company's insurance that you felt may be a bit suspicious? Maybe an insurance claim investigator is the answer. Many places require an investigation be conducted despite the circumstances, while others only demand it in otherwise unverifiable circumstances.

While not all insurance claims are fraudulent there are some that are. As a matter of fact around 80 billion dollars a year is paid out in fraudulent clams according to the agency, Coalition against Insurance Fraud. In the end these fraudulent claims affect everyone as they drive premiums higher. The simple fact is that companies can’t afford not to have claims investigated. Hiring professionals like SECA not only protects you, but it also protects honest consumers across the nation.

What investigation services can offer you?

Hiring an investigator to look into a claim is nothing out of the ordinary. As a matter of fact for many it is protocol. Generally investigations are centered on false claims, but sometimes other claims investigations arise. For instance, health insurance claims oftentimes have to be investigated. There are times where offices attempt to be paid for services they didn't perform. Patients and doctors may have to undergo medical claims investigations.

Car insurance claims are very common. Several false claims may arise in this area making investigations services that you can count on so essential. An investigator knows what to look for in these scams and will save you a lot of money. This includes set up car wrecks, false damages claims and the like.

Renters and homeowner’s insurance claims can also be investigated as well as any other claim you feel needs to be further looked into. Life insurance is no different. Investigators can find out whether or not the individuals being collected on is in fact deceased or investigate those who simply are claiming too much.

One of the most commonly needed area for investigations is workers comp. Investigators will work diligently to confirm or disprove the injuries claimed before you have to pay a penny out. They will also work to prove the injury either did or did not happen on the job.

Finally insurance companies can be investigated. No matter what fields it is there is always that one guy that does bad business, and the claims investigators are there to weed them out. When insurance companies do not deliver on their promises that you have paid them for then a professional investigator can help you get your money through the courts.

Investigators are not just for insurance companies!

Look, false claims happen in a lot of areas, not just insurance. If someone has filed any claim against a company or individual an investigator can help to uncover the facts. Oftentimes this eliminated court costs when the scheme is unearthed by the investigator.

If you have been accused of fraud you can hire an investigator to disprove those allegations and win your case. All you have to do is call SECA today to find out how a claims investigator can help you get the justice that you deserve and resolve the issues surrounding your case today.

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