What is Accidental Injury?

Mar 20, 2014

There are many types of accidental injuries. They include injuries sustained in auto accidents, drowning, injury due to whiplash, falls, sports injuries, burns, injuries incurred while using machineries, suffocation, accidental eye injuries, occupational injuries, toy-related injuries, and a few more.

Statistics show that one of the most common causes of injury is automobile-related accidents. Even the simplest fender-benders can lead to undetected injuries that can develop into headaches, pain, and even arthritis. A lot of people who have been involved in car accidents are not aware that they were actually hurt. Professional injury doctors, after a thorough examination, will be able to determine if there is any form of injury. In fact, it is smart to have yourself medically checked right after a vehicular accident however insignificant the accident may be. The doctor can recommend the necessary procedures in order to restore mobility.

Even in minor collisions, your body can still suffer from considerable trauma. Most accidental injuries in road mishaps can be considered as minor injuries which mean that they are not life-threatening. However, this does not automatically mean a person who figures in an auto accident with only minor injuries will not experience any lasting effects. In reality, even the most minor accidental injury can lead to long-lasting pain and suffering and which means reduced life enjoyment.

Whiplash or injury to the neck is a common car accident injury that can occur even at slow speeds. This usually happens when your car makes an abrupt stop while your body is still in motion. At this point, the seatbelt immediately puts a stop to your body’s movement, however the neck snaps forward and back. Though whiplash takes only a second to happen, the after-effects can be excruciating and long-lasting which makes it very important to seek medical attention when you feel even the slightest signs of whiplash injury. More than half of those who had whiplash injury suffer from and tightened muscles, as well as pain that emanates from the shoulders down to the back.

Other accidental injuries include damage to the knees, chest cavity, and bruising of the internal organs. These areas are susceptible to injuries in a car crash. The ankles can also be part of accidental injuries when seats move brought about by the collision or when the interior caves in.

Spinal injuries are the most common type of injury in traffic smash accidents. In car collisions with speeds going more than 60 kilometres per hour, trauma and injury to the spine is almost definite.

Because accident injuries can happen when you least expect them, it would be heartening to know that you can afford to take a break to recuperate, and this is where you need a dependable accidental injury insurance coverage.

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