Workplace theft and
sabotage investigations

Jul 22, 2014

Who really pays the price of workplace theft?

Workplace theft and sabotage investigations are increasing. Times are tough, poor economics creates poverty and poverty in turn essentially is a huge factor causing crime.

  • Poor economics causes poverty
  • Poverty is a cause for crime

There are two types of thieves, a decent one and the cold hardhearted type. The decent thief (if we call any type of thieving decent) is the type that is truly poor and desperate. This type of thief is truly unable to find work and needs to feed a family.

There is nothing worse than the cold hardhearted type of thief. This type cares little about anyone and often does not need funds but does it either for the thrill of it or simply 'just because he or she can'.

Being the cold hardhearted type of thief is a sign of a truly slovenly person. After all its a job in and of itself to be a thief. Why not get a real job? Its easier, you make more money and you can keep your dignity. The problem is, cold hardhearted persons could care less.

Workplace theft and sabotage investigations are becoming more and more the 'norm'. Why? Because workplace theft costs everyone. Think about it. When a company has to count the cost of theft, who gets charged back? Do you really think a smart business owner will take any type of loss?

No, rather than take a loss the smart business owner reduces wages across the board. Employees pay the price. Insurance companies also pay the price and when that happens in turn the cost is charged back to everyone who purchases insurance including you and me.

With that being said its smart for employees to report workplace theft. Its never easy reporting a crime, but very necessary to protect your own families livelihood and the livelihoods of everyone who works for the company who employs you.

The results of workplace thievery are crushing for business owners particularly small business owners. For this reason small and large or enterprise business alike are turning to workplace theft investigations. Its more affordable to put a professional workplace theft investigator into your business to analyze, investigate, suggest action plans hence catching culprits. Many insurance companies offer good discounts for serious security measures in place.

Another thought, … if employees are fully aware of ongoing investigations, secret security, etc. workplace theft drastically reduces. Trust me, if employees see another employee getting caught doing the simplest act of thievery they will think twice before stealing office supplies, stamps or heavy duty equipment.

No matter how big or small the item it all adds up to one thing. Someone taking something from someone that earned it and was kind enough to offer you a job. If you're a business owner you should consider hiring a workplace theft investigator to protect your business and the employees who appreciate and need their jobs. (Word count 493 including sub-title not title)

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